Alexander Papagos
Alexander Papagos.
Some attributes
First Name: Alexander Papagos
Second Position: President of Greece (1951 - 1955, 1955-1959)
Third Nationality: Greek
Other attributes
Fourth Party: Greek Rally
Fifth Born: 9 December 1883
Sixth Died: 4 October 1960

Papagos was the first President of Greece. A military man, he was the planner of the Greeks defense in WWII against Italy. In 1941, after the peace Confederence of Paris, it was decided that Macedonia would become part of the newly created Union of Socialist Balkan Republics.

This caused the outrage of the Greeks against Stalin. Until 1949, Stalin threatend nuclear war if Greece joined NATO and bullied Greece.

Alexander Papagos, using the Greek ourage, couped the King in 1950 and declared a Republic. In 1951 he declared free elections, which his party, the Greek Rally, won. Under his Presidency, Greece, despite Soviet threats, joined NATO in 1953. Papagos also developed the Industry and the economy of the nation, making Greece from a nation developing farming products to a highly developed industrial economy.

In 1955, Papagos won again the elections. This time, he focused more on the army and bought tens of USA ships and planes. Greece became the third most importand USA ally, after the UK and Israel.

Because of the Constitution, he was not able to run a third time. He died in 1960. His successor was Spyros Markezinis.