Andreas Papandreou
Andreas Papandreou.
Some attributes
First Name: Andreas Papandreou
Second Position: President of Greece (1983 - 1987, 1987-1991)
Third Nationality: Greek
Other attributes
Fourth Party: Greek Rally
Fifth Born: 5 February 1919
Sixth Died: 23 June 1996

Andreas Papandreou was the Fifth President of Greece. He succeeded Panagiotis Pipinelis in 1983. As leader of the Greek Rally Party he won the 1983 elections.

The first term of Papandreou was mainly an era of economic development, as Greece developed even more it's industry and started producing it's own weapons, planes and ships and stopped needing USA weapons. The Greek economy became the fourth largest in the world in 1986.

In 1987, Andreas won the 1987 elections. In his second term, he joined Israel in the Winter War against the Arabs. In 1990, he send 80,000 Greeks troops to join the NATO invasion of Libya. In 1991, Greece became the world's third largest economy, mainly thanks to the collapse of the USSR which held that position.

In 1991, Andreas gave the leadership of the Greek Rally to Antonis Samaras. He died in 1996.

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