Greek Army

The Cyprian War was a war between the Coalition (UK, Greece, Cyprus, Israel) and Turkey, Hamas and Syria. The war started on July 4, 2014 and lasted until 12 March 2015. The War started with an offensive of Turkey in Cyprus against British bases and Greek Cyprian territory. Although the Turks gained a lot of land and almost took over the island, the UK and Greece decided to send troops to Cyprus, while Greek ships tried to secure Greek superiority in the Agean. In the second phase of the war, British, Cyprian and Greek troops push the Turks out of Cyprus, Israel joins the war against Turkey and Syria, united by pro-Turkey rebel forces, declares war on Israel. Hamas fire rockets on Israel. Also greece begins an offensive in Thrace that is stopped a few miles aways from Istanbul. The third phase begins with a Coalition fleet landing Israeli, Greek and British troops in Southern Turkey and the start of an offensive against Ankara. Meanwhile, Israel defeats many times the Syrian army and forces them to make peace. In the end, the coalition takes over Ankara and the Kurds rise up in revolt against Turkey. The fourth and final phase begins with the Greeks taking over Western Minor Asia and the British helping the Kurds liberate Kurdish territories. The Turks now have only a small territory in their control in North Eastern Turkey and they surrender.