The Egyptian Civil War (1st December 2003 - 19 March 2007) was a conflict in Egypt between the Islamic Theocratic Regime of Akmar Ganndafi and the the Egyptian Liberation Front and NATO. The war begun when the Government use Tanks to kill thousands of protestors and a full revolt begun against the Regime. As most of Northen Egypt (except for Alexandria and the Nile Delta) had fallen to Rebel hands by 2004, the conflict was considered to have changed from an armed revolution to a Civil War. Until 2006, there was a bloody stalemate, as neither the Government or the Rebels could win a major victory. But in 2006, NATO imposed a No-fly Zone, ending the Regime's areal superiority and allowing the Rebels to begin huge offenses into Southern Egypt. In 2007, NATO, after major rebel defeats in Minya and Asyut, decided to send troops on the ground and invade Southern Egypt, overthew the Regime and re-unified Egypt.