Gao Shuxun

Gao Shuxun (1898-1972)

Gao Shuxun (高樹勛, sometimes written Kao Shu-hsun) (1898-1972), a native of Yanshan, Hebei Province, was Deputy Commander of the 11th War Zone and commander of the New 8th Corps of the KMT. Gao Shuxun took over the leadership of the 39th Army Group in December 12, 1940 after kidnapping and killing the previous leader (and sworn brother), Shi Yousan, who had planned to defect to the Japanese.

In November 1945 he joined the CPC. During the Chinese Civil War (31 March 1946 – 1 May 1950), his troops were reorganized into the Democratic National Reconstruction Army, of which he became Commander-in-chief. After the founding of the People's Republic, he served as Deputy Governor of Hebei Province and a member of the National Defence Council.