George I
Some attributes
First Name: George
Second Position: King of China
Third Nationality: Danish
Other attributes
Fourth Allegiance: Kingdom of China, CRF
Fifth Birth: 2105
Sixth Died: 2173

George I (d. 2173) was King of China from 2162 until his abdication in 2165. King George I was born in Denmark in 2105. He was the second son of the King of Denmark. After the Cataclysm, he lived for a few years in Italy. In 2162, at the age of 61, he was "hired" by the like-named President George to head a constitutional monarchy in China and was crowned King George I of China.

In 2161, China had launched an invasion of its ally the Demon Realm, leading to immediate retaliation by the Coalition. Hawai'i, fed up with Chinese abuse of power and international indifference, officially declared war. The petrified Chinese government collapsed, and established the monarchy under the King George.

The new government promptly offered unconditional surrender; Hawai'i and India replied with a treaty that called for the abolition of China's nuclear programme and the surrender of standing warheads to Hawai'i, the surrender of its air force to India and the Demon Realm, territorial concessions totalling 10 provinces, and the payment of reparations to India, the Demons, Hawai'i, Coruscant, and the 501st Legion, even though the latter two powers were not direct participants in the war. Additionally, the Chinese military would be limited in size.

Coruscant and the 501st supported the deal, but Korea charged it was engineered to provoke another war and should be debated in the UN. China attempted to argue for less land penalties but ultimately agreed to the draft.

The very next year, China broke the treaty, launching nuclear weapons at Hawai'i and India. The missile against Hawai'i was intercepted, but India suffered over 1.6 million deaths. Hawai'ian retaliation obliterated the capital and resulted in a sum death toll of 650 000 civilians.

Siberia promptly embargoed China and Hawai'i over the use of WMD and encouraged all other states to adopt sanctions against China. Shortly thereafter, candid conversations were made public that led to widespread condemnation of Hawai'i for what were seen as explicitly aggressive motives.

China eventually negotiated peace with Hawai'i that would allow it to forcibly annex Mongolia, with the understanding Hawai'i would renew hostilities if it used nuclear weapons offensively again. Upon reflection, Siberia lifted its embargo against Hawai'i and declared war on China. Meanwhile, the Chinese launched an omnilateral offensive, destroying Mongolia and crippling the Indian and Demon armies. King George proceeded to deliver an ultimatum demanding the surrender of India and the Demons and vassalage to China. As India dragged its heels on a response, Angola and the 501st pledged their support to the embattled Coalition.

In 2164, King George dissolved the constitution and declared himself absolute ruler. Korea, which had remained uninvolved in the conflict outside of instigating a zone of exclusion to Hawai'ian forces, joined the fight against China. Ironically, Hawai'i then declared that Chinese incursion into Korea would lead to it resuming the war, a threat pre-empted by China's own declaration against Hawai'i. After China threatened to "nuke the entire planet", Kongo also announced a formal state of war, joined shortly thereafter by the 501st, and after a much-delayed response to the initial invasion, Takrur.

Now at war with virtually every nation on earth and with no hope of survival, in 2165 China surrendered its territory to Oz, granting George I and his cronies sovereignty over a single Ethiopian province as the Eternal Kingdom of New China, abbreviated EKNC, an "honour guard" of twenty divisions and thirty aircraft, and a 1000 rubl' golden parachute complementing George's theft of the national treasury. The EKNC was not recognized as legitimate by the international community, suffering an immediate embargo by Kongo and declaration of war by SR Multinational.

In addition to the fleeing government, the EKNC allegedly attracted enough Chinese monarchists to displace the local Ethiopian citizens at a ratio of 57:43. Chinese was instituted as the official language, and while Ethiopians were officially afforded "the same rights", the wording suggests they were regarded as somehow separate from the expressly "Chinese" state.

The EKNC did not even last for a full year. King George fired his entire nuclear stockpile at Hawai'i, resulting in the complete annihilation of the country and widespread collateral damage to neighbouring regions; the EKNC was in turn destroyed by a missile strike as part of a larger Hawai'ian offensive against the Comintern.

As a result of the genocide, charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity were intensified against the China Six, and India announced the establishment of an international criminal court to prosecute the perpetrators of the nuclear exchanges that year, which had claimed a total death count of 42.4 million, over twelve percent of the total world population. Immediately following the destruction of the EKNC, the China Six regrouped as a terror cell named Chinese Resistance Forces for the purpose of conquering a newly-democratic Co-operative Federation of Xinjiang.

Despite early and vague self-posturing as 'liberators', the CRF's megalomaniac intentions soon became clear as it openly threatened nearly every Asiatic state, and internationally it was widely held to be illegitimate. In 2173, George prepared an offensive against Xinjiang but died on the eve of the campaign. He was succeeded by his son, Otto von Constantine.

By the end of his formal rule as king, George was considered criminally insane by other nations. INTERPOL issued a Red Notice against him almost immediately after its re-establishment for charges by various parties of war crimes and crimes against humanity. He was condemned by the Scarlet Lancers as inept, tyrannical, and genocidal in his policy of cultural "Westernization and modernization". Historian have given to him the nickname "Mad King George" and he has been called the most deranged and despicable human monster of the past millennium.