Jackie Chan
Meng Yi
Jackie Chan on horseback
Some attributes
First Name: Jackie Chan
Second Position: General, Poet
Third Nationality: Chinese
Other attributes
Fourth Allegiance: Qing Dynasty, France
Fifth Born: April 7, 1839
Sixth Died: May 22, 1871 (aged 32)

Jackie Chan (born Chan Kong-sang, 陳港生; 7 April 1839 - 22 May 1871) was a Chinese General and Poet in the late Qing Dynasty in China and in France. He became famous for his journey from Yunnan to Dali, where he defeated enemies despite 100 to 1 odds without losing even one man.

In 1857, he came to France, where he studied at the elite École Militaire in Paris. In France, he also started to write romantic poems and a novel about his journey from Yunnan to Dali. This made him famous among the intellectuals of Europe. In France, he also got the nickname "Jackie".

In 1859, he returned to China and led the Campaign against the Nepalese, first in Tibet and then in Nepal itself, where he won all battles against all odds. for his victory, he was made Governor of Shandong. In 1866, he resigned from the army and returned back to France, were he continued his poetic work. In 1871, he sided with French Commune and was killed in defender of Paris.