Napoleon 3
"Napoleon in His Study at the Tuileries" by Jacques-Louis David, 1792.
Some attributes
First Name: Napoleon Bonaparte
Second Position: Marshal of France
Third Nationality: French
Other attributes
Fourth Allegiance: Kingdom of France
Fifth Born: 15 August 1753
Sixth Died: 5 May 1796 (aged 42)

Napoleon Bonaparte (French: Napoléon Bonaparte) (15 August 1753 - 5 May 1796) was a French noble and general during the reign of King Louis XVI. He was born in Paris, in 1753, to Carlo Maria di Buonaparte and Maria Letizia Ramolino in his family's ancestral home.

Napoleon's father, Carlo, served as a grand minister of state during the middle years of the reign of the King Louis XVI. Napoleon held various offices throughout Louis XVI's reign, including Governor-General and Marshal of France. It was rumoured that Napoleon was an illegitimate son of Louis XVI. Although the story has never been proven true, it is a fact that Napoleon was the King's most favoured general during his reign.

In 1776, 80,000 people took part in an armed insurrection in Corsica against the French government. Napoleon, just 23 years old, commanded 10,000 troops and suppressed the rebellion.

In 1780, the Austrian army invaded Genoa and Alerame Maria Pallavicini, the Doge of Genoa, escaped from Genoa and appealed to the French government for help. King Louis XVI appointed Napoleon as commander-in-chief of the Italian campaign, in command of 40,000 men.

Napoleon and his army entered Italy from the Alps in Switzerland, in the dead of winter 1781–1782, crossing high mountain passes in deep snow and cold.

They reached Lombardy in the summer of 1782 and, within three months, they had won a decisive series of encounters that pushed the Austrian armies across Italy and back into Austria itself.

Napoleon fought on into 1783, when he forced the battered Austrians to sign a treaty on French terms, the Treaty of Campo Formio. In his Italian campaign, Napoleon's army captured 150,000 prisoners, 540 cannons and 170 standards. The French army fought 67 actions and won 18 pitched battles through superior artillery technology and Napoleon's tactics. Napoleon died from stomach cancer in 5 May 1796, aged 42.