Nattapong Yingjang
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Some attributes
First Name: Nattapong Yingjang
Second Title: King of Cambodia and Minister of War
Third Nationality: Thai
Other attributes
Fourth Allegiance: Thailand
Fifth Gender: Male
Sixth Birth: 2088

Nattapong Yingjang was a Thai politician, the nephew and student of Yingjang Shinawatra. He was considered smart and handsome, and many Thai teenage girls had voted him on Internet Forums as the hottest Thai Minister.

He studied in the Imperial Academy of War in Bangkok and in the summer of 2113, he was appointed King of Cambodia, becoming the first non royal Thai to be given a royal title.

A parade of 10,000 Cambodian soldiers was held in Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia, in the day of his coronation.

Nattapong, unlike his predecessor, appointed Ministers and organized a Court in the Palace of Phnom Penh. He also appointed Cambodian Pa Socheatvong as "Grand Minister of the Council of Ministers".

In autumn 2113, Nattapong was appointed Minister of War of Thailand. As Minister of War, he was responsible for the Thai invasion of Malacca.

Using the pretext of the stolen nuclear missile and the flight of Shiro, Nattapong announced that Takeshi Shiro was hiding in Malacca and so he demanded that Thai military forces be allowed to search for him.

In fact, the Thai espionage had no clue of where Shiro was, but Nattapong deliberately made this demand, knowing that Malacca would never agree to let Thai forces search for Shiro, thus providing Thailand a pretext for a military intervention.

On taking on his new duties as Minister of War, Nattapong gave a speech to TV7 News:

"I wish to express my gratitude to His Imperial Majesty and His Excellency the Chancellor for their trust on me.
I will surely not betray their trust. I wish to assure all Thai soldiers and citizens in general that this office was not given to me purely because of my family background, but because of my study on the field of military strategy. I hope that I will be able to prove the above statement and show that I truly deserve my position as Minister of War and that Thailand is a meritocracy.
My main objective will be to coordinate the Thai armed forces on our operations to hunt down Takeshi Shiro, defeat any state that gives refuge to terrorists like Shiro and to ensure the safety of Thailand from this mad dictator. I will make sure that any operations of the Thai armed forces will have the minimal amount of casualties. Takeshi Shiro shall be found and brought to justice for his war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Also, as Minister of War, I shall ensure that Thai veterans of war who have been injured will be properly compensated and will soon visit in person the Thai troops in Cambodia and Philippines, talk to them and hear their concerns. I shall also continue our grand effort to continually modernize our armed forces. That is what I had to say. I thank you all for listening to me."