180px-Otto of Greece
Some attributes
First Name: Otto
Second Position: King
Third Nationality: Spanish
Other attributes
Fourth Allegiance: Spain
Fifth Gender: Male
Sixth Notorious for: Genocide

King Otto of Spain was the ruler of Spain, infamous for his war with most of the western hemisphere, especially Italy and France. The war was a product of border tensions with the French Commune and Italy, centered around the islands of Corsica and Sardinia.

Italy surmised that continued negotiations were pointless and launched a pre-emptive invasion of Spain at the same time Spain attacked France. Public declarations of genocide and war crimes against French citizens quickly steeled international opinion against Spain, and by the time the country collapsed, it was at war with eight separate nations.

Otto was known for his bravery, as he fought to the last man. His Royal Guard and his army, under General Napoleon Zervas, inflicted huge causalities upon the Allies and managed to stop their advance in Spain for some time. In the end, however, he was defeated for his crimes against humanity.

His attempt to make Spain strong ended with Spain become part of many nations, notably with the formation of the Democracy of Aragon in the transformation of the French Commune into the Socialist Union of Democratic States. Otto's tyrannical rule was great influence on Susan Rojo, giving her a fanatical stance.