Otto von Constantine
Constantineii cl bst
Some attributes
First Name: Otto von Constantine
Second Title: King of China
Third Nationality: Danish Chinese
Other attributes
Fourth Occupation: Terrorist leader, monarch
Fifth Birth: 2135
Sixth Died: 2218

Otto I of China (r. 2173–2179), born Otto von Constantine, was the son of George I of China. Following George's death in 2173, Otto inherited leadership of the terrorist Chinese Resistance Forces on the eve of the Conquest of Xinjiang, which installed him as King of China.

He purported to reinstate a constitutional government and sought to normalize relations with the rest of the world, but his rise to power was condemned as illegitimate by virtually every neighbor and he failed to achieve reconciliation with the Scarlet Lancers.

In 2176, a resurgent Global Liberation Army began publishing open threats against China as part of its wider denunciation of IRA encroachment into the Middle-East; this led to a flashpoint when China accused Pakistan of hosting the GLA, provoking a standoff with Takrur over threats to blockade the country. In 2179, China instigated a rebellion in Siberia that led half the country to defect.

Exploiting the overstretched military deployment that ensued, and capitalizing on diplomatic breakthroughs with the GLA, the Scarlet Lancers launched a counter-invasion that deposed Otto in 2179. He escaped captivity and fled to Italy, becoming a businessman and maintaining the dynasty.