Panagiotis Pipinelis
Panagiotis Pipinelis.
Some attributes
First Name: Panagiotis Pipinelis
Second Position: President of Greece (1975 - 1979, 1979 -1983)
Third Nationality: Greek
Other attributes
Fourth Party: Greek Rally
Fifth Born: 21 March 1916
Sixth Died: 4 October 1991

Panagiotis Pipinelis was the Fourth President of the Greek Republic, succeeding Konstantinos Karamanlis in the leadership of the Greek Rally Party in 1975.

Panagiotis won the elections of 1975. He first term was marked by the Six Weeks War in the Middle East, when Greece send 50,000 troops to help Israel protect itself from Arab aggression. Greece also took part in the NATO invasion of Egypt to depose Communist President Mubarak, sending more than 34,000 troops in Egypt.

His second term was marked by several economical reforms to boost the economy. Thanks to his reforms, Greece became the world's fifth largest economy by 1981. in 1982, Greece fought a Seven Days War against the USBR over Macedonia. The war begun when a USBR army of 120,000 troops, led by Soviet military advisors, invaded Macedonia. Greece managed to crush the Balkanians in just seven days and take over Belgrade.

The peace treaty signed made no territorial changes, but forced USBR to pay 105 million dollars to Greece. In 1983, Panagiotis gave the leadership of the Greek Rally to Andreas Papandreou. He died in 1991.