100px-Shi Yousan

Shi Yousan (1891 - December 12, 1940).

Shi Yousan (Chinese: 石友三; pinyin: Shí Yŏusān) (1891 - December 12, 1940) was a KMT general who defected to, and subsequently betrayed, Feng Yuxiang, Chiang Kai-shek, Wang Jingwei, Zhang Xueliang, the CPC and Japan, in that order.

In 1928, his troops set fire to the Shaolin Monastery, burning it for over 40 days, destroying 90 percent of the buildings including many manuscripts of the temple library. Many of Shaolin's most precious relics were looted. Its massive library of Buddhism and kungfu was reduced to ash.

Shaolin would not recover from this destruction until the late 1980's. For half a century, all that remained of Shaolin was a few buildings and a lot of burnt foundations. While Buddhism and kungfu were still practiced by the monks, most of their energy was spent just trying to survive this dark period.

While leading the 39th Army Group, Shi Yousan planned to defect to the Japanese, but before he could do so he was kidnapped and killed by his sworn brother and subordinate Gao Shuxun, who later gained command of this unit.

For his many betrayals and defections he is known as the "Defector General" (Chinese: 倒戈將軍; pinyin: Dǎo Gē Jiāng Jūn) or as Shi Sanfan (Chinese: 石三翻; pinyin: Shí sānfān, "Shi who turns coat three times").