Sun Ce
Some attributes
First Name: Sun Ce
Second Position: Emperor of China
Third Nationality: Chinese
Other attributes
Fourth Occupation: Warlord
Fifth Birth: 2059
Sixth Died: 2104

Sun Ce (Chinese: 孫策) was a Chinese Warlord. He was born in 2059 to a middle-class family and in 2070, during the Chinese Civil War, he joined the Nationalists. He led a regiment in Shanghai under his friend and mentor Chen Qimei, as one of Chen's chief lieutenants. After Chen's death during a battle in 2078, Sun Ce took command of his mentor's army and led them to a series of victories.

By 2094, he had established control over Jiangsu and Shandong and commanded an army of 200,000 men, mostly untrained and badly equipped conscripted peasants. In 2095, in Jinan (capital of Shandong), he declared himself Emperor of China and took the Dynastic name of Huan.

Sun Ce tried to resist against the invading Japanese forces of Marshall Toyotomi Hideyioshi during the 2104 Japanese invasion of China, but his forces were no match for the battle-hardened, modernized and very well equipped and led Japanese.

The Japanese forces, who had already taken control of Zhejiang, begun in autumn 2104 an offensive into Jiangsu which was made up of an armored thrust spearheaded by 6 armored brigades. The offensive was supported by the Imperial Japanese Navy and Air Force, who bombarded military HQs and economic and communication centers in all of Jiangsu.

In winter 2104, a new great offensive begun. Five Army Groups (Army Groups I, II, III, VII and IX) of the Imperial Japanese Mainland Army (IJMA), supported by one Army Group of the Imperial Japanese Army (Army Group V), twelve Marine Corps, twenty Armored Brigades, six Battleships and three Carriers carrying over thirty Fighters and twenty Bombers begun the largest yet Japanese offensive in China, with the goal of defeating Sun Ce once and for all.

The operation begun with a two weeks long bombardment of Sun Ce's forces and economic and military centers. Then, in only three weeks, the Japanese army managed to takeover Shandong. After the loss of Shandong, Sun Ce committed suicide after being trapped by Japanese Marines.