Ux-Battaaar Lee

Ux-Battaaar Lee is the leader of the Mongolian Republic. Born in a poor Nomadic family, he managed to become Prime Minister of Mongolia and prove himself to be a Great Diplomat, by managing to manipulate events to cause the collapse of the Chinese Republic and the expansion of Mongolia, and also a Great General by defeating the Imperial Chinese.

Rise to PowerEdit

Born in a poor Nomadic Family, he studied in the School of Karakorum, where he was the best student in the class. He was almost always getting into trouble because other students bullied him but he knew Kung Fu and was able to beat and so he got in fights very often. He studied in the Polytechnic National University of Mongolia. He then, aged 32, joined the Democratic Party. At first, he was a simple member of the party, but managed in 10 short years to become a MP in the Mongolian Senate, then Minister of Justice, then Minister of Foreign Affairs and finally, at the age of 42, leader of the Democratic Party. 8 years later, at the age of 50, he was elected Prime Minister of Mongolia. Lee has fought corruption and inefficient bureaucracy. When he was Minister of Justice, he managed to clean Mongolia from corruption. As Minister of Foreign Affairs, he had created alliances with other nations and ended Mongolia's isolation.

Pax MongolicaEdit

Lee has created a new 10-years program for economic development and investment in the industry codenamed Pax Mongolica. The program includes the creation of new factories and the drawing of more foreign investors to Mongolia. Also it will increase the size of the Mongolian Army, in order to be able to defend the Fatherland and persuade foreign investors about the stability of Mongolia.

Expansion of MongoliaEdit

After the collapse of the Chinese Republic, Mongolia expanded it's territory in Chinese lands. In 2204, Ux-Battaaar Lee led a Mongol Army of 350,000 troops himself against Imperial China to free Mongol populations and restore historical Mongol Territory. After the invasion, Lee also claimed that he invaded Iron China to export the Democratic Revolution of Mongolia. The Mongol Army, under the command of Lee, crushed the small Chinese army and took over two provinces. After the takeover, 10,000 citizens rose up in revolt and killed 5,000 Mongol troops, but they were put down and killed by the Mongol Forces. Also Lee passed new laws and gave the lands of all wealthy landlords to the Chinese Peasants, so every Chinese would have his own small piece of land, and also declared that Mongolian China would be a Federal Province and it's citizens would elect a Senate.